About the owner of Whistle Clean Car Care LLC...

I have a passion for auto detailing and I want to earn your trust and business.

I started cleaning cars when I was around ten years old. My dad was really big on having the family car look great, and being the oldest son, I was the one he always called on for help.  We washed the car with a bucket of soapy water made with liquid dishwashing soap, a water hose, rags and a wisk broom that substituted for a vacuum cleaner.  Our high pressured water to rinse off the soap was created by holding your thumb over the end of the water hose to form a powerful stream of...  well, it helped somewhat to wash off the soap.   

We dried the car off by hand and then Dad would apply the paste wax way too thick.  It took all my strength as a ten year old to wipe off that gunk before it would dry like an armored shield on the paint.  We "vacuumed" the inside of the car with the hand held wisk broom to remove the dirt from the carpet.  It didn't work very well when you had a lot of dirt on the floor, and on a windy day what you swept out would end up back in the car or back in your face.

You can probably guess about how long ago that all was, and I'm sure I was not the only ten year old who had to clean a car the hard way. But that is about all the "detailing" I could do on the family car back at that time when I was a young kid of ten years old.  Things are different now and there are many great products on the market I use to detail your car, truck, or SUV.  

I have cleaned my own cars for many years and take pride in doing so.  I enjoy it so much I decided to learn more about it and apply that gained knowledge to a new career.  I attended a detail training program and then set out to find my dream job. The problem was that the jobs I found for auto detailing vehicles came from so-called professional "sweat shops" that just cared about how many vehicles could be cleaned in one day for a handsome profit.  This is not what I got into auto-detailing for.  So I turned my passion into a work from home profession that is conducted under my own terms and standards.  

I have a very professional attitude that believes customer satisfaction is the number one priority in any business.  I would rather earn your trust and confidence by under-promising and over-delivering.  My definition of quality service is making your vehicle "whistle clean."

Business reviews are on yelp.com and nextdoor.com.