Auto Detailing FAQS

Why should you clay bar your vehicle?

The build-up of contaminants on your car's paint can leave it feeling rough.  A clay bar will remove this roughness, causing the paint on your vehicle to feel slick and smooth.  If you would like to know whether you need to clay bar, put your hand in a plastic bag and then rub your hand against the paint. If you feel some sort of roughness, chances are you need to clay bar the paint.

Why clean the engine of your vehicle?

Contaminants such as dirt and grease build up on your engine bay area.  To remove this build up involves the use of a good degreaser.  The waterless car washing system will clean light dirt and grease from the engine, but for best results, I recommend using the pressure washer at a local self-service cash wash.  When the engine is cleaned, we never point the pressure washer at zero point blank range on the engine. This could cause costly damage.  And, before cleaning any engine, we need to cover up certain sensitive parts such as the alternator and any exposed wires.  ALWAYS clean a COLD engine. NEVER clean a HOT engine,  EVER!

Why should you do a headlight restoration?

Oxidation, caused by the weather and other contaminants, can build up on a lens over a period of time, causing the lens to appear hazy and cloudy, and prevent the headlight from doing its job.  The proper procedure to restore a headlight is to remove this oxidation and seal the lens  to prevent damage from the UV rays of the sun.  Your lens will be clean and clear, and the headlight will allow you to see at a farther distance while driving at night.

How often should you detail your car, pickup truck, or SUV?

Detailing your vehicle not only helps the overall appearance, but it can also mean avoiding costly repairs.  Weather has a big impact on the exterior.  Rain, snow, ice,  dirt and grime are contaminants, and these particles can affect the paint, chrome, glass and rubber on your vehicle.  Brake dust can also have an effect on your wheels. The more often you clean the vehicle, the less likelihood there is of these contaminants creating some sort of permanent damage.

Your car's interior needs attention as well.  The carpeting, seats, dash and material on the doors can be permanently damaged if not periodically cleaned and maintained. The dash and seat material can become brittle and crack; carpeting can develop holes and tears.  I recommend detailing your vehicle 1 to 2 times a year. This will help to maintain the longevity of the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

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