Headlight Restoration

Over a period of time your headlights will develop a cloud over the lens.  The cause of this cloudiness is due to oxidation.  The oxidation will decrease the distance your headlight lamp can project its light and will hamper the driver's ability to see the proper distance for driving safely at night.

If you have a cloud over your lens and you cannot wipe it off, wash it off, or wax it off, the headlights need to be restored.  Please do not let the oxidation intensify.  Schedule an appointment to restore your headlights.   

Heavy oxidation on this headlight was restored to the look of a new lens.

The heavy oxidation on these headlights prevented the driver of this vehicle from seeing the proper distance at night.

The light oxidation on this vehicle made the headlights appear dim.  The driver's ability to see at night was affected.

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